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Anti-Inflammatory Topper

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Reduce pain and inflammation in your cat or dog with the Momentum Carnivore Nutrition Freeze-Dried Raw Anti-Inflammatory Boost Topper. We utilized natural Chinese Medicine techniques to create this anti-inflammatory pet food topper to bring balance to your pet’s internal function. The following all-natural ingredients help reduce inflammation in your pet: 

  • Duck neck. Duck neck is known for being a cooling protein shown to help reduce inflammation. 
  • Kale. Kale is high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron to support healthy bones and joints in your pet. Your cat or dog needs their leafy greens too! 
  • Turmeric. Turmeric’s main active ingredient is curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce joint and tissue pain.
  • Yucca. Extracts from Yucca have been shown to have anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory effects and may also help reduce swelling and pain associated with inflammation in your cat or dog. 


This combination of all-natural cooling ingredients may help to have anti-inflammatory effects in pets, especially those experiencing: 

  • Aching and weak joints
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Redness and skin rashes
  • Excessive panting or looking for cooler areas


All of our functional meal toppers are low-calorie with no fillers or artificial flavors, making them a tasty addition to your dog or cat’s existing diet! Reduce inflammation and support strong joints and muscles with this flavor-packed food topper today!

No Artificial Flavors Added
Grain And Gluten Free
Family Owned
Made In USA
GMO Free


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Stephany B.
United States United States

Hard to measure

The feeding instructions state that it should be fed in tablespoons but the product is in cubes. How do you expect to get an accurate feeding out of something that is cubed when its supposed to be measured with a round tablespoon? I cant give this a proper rating due to the nature of the product.