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Toni and Jeff With Dogs

Before Momentum Carnivore Nutrition

Toni Maretti’s father, Jeff, owned a local Italian Deli. His philosophy at the deli, which carried over as he founded Momentum Carnivore Nutrition, was simple – quality ingredients, reasonable prices, and exceptional customer service. These facets became the backbone for what the business stands for today!

Since Toni’s younger years, she has been close to animals.

Growing up, Toni and her family had a hobby farm with longhorn cattle, horses, dogs, barn cats, and a pony. As she grew up, went to college, and graduated, Toni began her journey in the corporate world with a job in account management. Quickly, she realized that a standard day-to-day job sitting behind a desk was not giving her the fulfillment she had hoped for. Toni always loved animals and had an interest in nutrition. She left her job and began working with her father at Momentum in 2013 to expand the product line, evolve into new packaging and marketing, and obtain nationwide distribution. In 2017, Toni and her husband, Rob, retained full ownership of the manufacturing facility, and with that came the Momentum brand!

Toni as Child With a Goat
Toni and her family dog, Peter.

Toni further educated herself on her animals’ diets, specifically her carnivore pets – her dogs and cats.

She quickly found that the best nutrition for her pets was one that was the most biologically appropriate – raw meat and minimally processed. Toni was able to see this firsthand with her family dog, Peter. 

“We saw the most impactful health benefits with our family dog, Peter. Peter was a dog fed a traditional kibble diet for his ten years of life. The signs of aging rapidly took hold of Peter, and the loss of vitality was so evident in his behavior. He was a dog that loved to fetch and run, and quickly, barely wanted to get up because his body ached. Almost one week after transitioning him to a fully raw diet, he was up running and loving life again.”

Today, Toni owns two dogs, Gia (age 9) and Enzo (age 6). 

“They have been fed a raw diet since eight weeks of age. Since being fed raw their entire life, we have had almost zero vet visits. We are not running to get an antibiotic or steroid for ear issues, skin inflammation, etc. They don’t have digestive issues. They do not have any oral decay and plaque buildup on their teeth. And they do not show signs of aging. They also love meal time!!”

Like most pet owners, Toni’s pets are like family. Transitioning your pet’s food back to the fresh and wholesome foods their body was designed for could help to eliminate or lessen health-related issues most pet owners see in their pets. Toni wants to provide the best treats for her furry family members and knows you do too. Each pet deserves to have Momentum Carnivore Nutrition in their lives!

Toni's Dogs Gia and Enzo
Toni and her husband Rob with their two children.

Momentum Carnivore Nutrition is my family roots

“This brand is my family roots, my history, and my future livelihood. Momentum Carnivore Nutrition is a brand that services all pets in the nation. It is important to me because anyone who supports or feeds Momentum needs to trust us as a brand, a company, and our products. Consumers are literally feeding their family pets. And our pets can’t talk and tell us, “hey, I don’t like this food,” or “this treat is making me feel ill.” Momentum is important to me because I want any pet that gets this treat to not ever feel that way without being able to tell their pet parent. And I want every pet parent that feeds Momentum to feel confident, comfortable, and happy about feeding their pet one of the best treats in the market.”

Dog and Cat Graphics