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At Momentum Carnivore Nutrition, we love partnering with animal-loving content creators who love to celebrate pet health, wellness, and nutrition as much as we do.


we're looking for pet-loving partners

We're looking for content creators to help us spread the word about Momentum products and the benefits of feeding pets raw, natural ingredients. Here's what our ideal partner looks like:

  • You love your dog or cat.
  • You have an engaged following of animal lovers who want a healthy life for their pet.
  • You create a mix of pet-focused content, including static images and videos.
  • You’re active on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

In exchange for your partnership, we may provide monetary or product compensation as agreed on with you or your team.


let's partner!

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why momentum?

Photo of Toni and FamilyMomentum Carnivore Nutrition started as a simple idea from founder Jeff Maretti in his local Italian Deli: use quality ingredients, offer reasonable prices, and give exceptional customer service.

This commitment to quality has remained at our heart as his daughter Toni took over the business in 2017 with her husband, Rob. As pet owners and animal lovers, we strive to provide each customer with nutritious products that are delicious and biologically appropriate for their pets. We have seen firsthand the positive impact a raw diet can have on our pets' quality of life.

We believe it's important to be transparent with customers by offering detailed information on all of our products. This includes ingredient lists, feeding guidelines, and nutritional analysis that help customers make informed decisions for their pet’s health.

We want every pet parent that feeds Momentum to feel confident, comfortable, and happy about feeding our nutritious, high-quality treats and meal supplements.