freeze-dried dog treats: treats you can celebrate giving your dog

freeze-dried dog treats: treats you can celebrate giving your dog

At Momentum Carnivore Nutrition, we know that proper nutrition is crucial and attainable for your dog to be fueled appropriately. Every product we produce is biologically appropriate and convenient and provides momentum for your companion to live their best life. With every meal or treat, you’ll be providing momentum in the right direction, and that’s worth celebrating! This belief is at the core of our updated brand identity, and we're excited to share it with you and your family!

Momentum Carnivore Nutrition


We're the type of people that take our furry friends everywhere we go. Whether it's a quick trip to the park or a day-hike adventure, we fill our packs with Momentum to keep our dog’s energy high and their attention focused. Our lightweight and convenient products offer a raw and nutritious option for even the pickiest dogs. 

If you're familiar with our products and have provided Momentum for your pets in the past, we thank you! Rest assured that with our packaging and brand update, the products your furry friends have grown to love have not changed. If you're new to the world of raw nutrition, don't just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials from loyal customers below!

The Same Great Freeze-Dried Dog Treats Your Dog Loves

Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast Dog Treats

“I love these products and my dog does even more. Sooo healthy for them. Her eyes bug out when she sees me reach into the bag. Also, a very reliable treat. No worries about recalls or making your loving pet sick. Been buying this for years!”

~ Barbara N. 

Freeze-Dried Beef Heart Dog Treats

“I can't even go near the drawer where we keep these without our pets looking at us expectantly - hoping they're getting a treat. They all love them and it makes me feel good giving them treats that I know are so good for them - it's a win-win!” 

~ Kristen D. 

Freeze-Dried Bison Tripe Dog Treats

“My dog loves tripe. I like the fact that it comes from buffalo and most likely has less chemicals, hormones, etc. that so many other animals are exposed to. I can cut the nuggets into smaller pieces to reward my pup during training.”

~ Val

Give Your Pet the Momentum They Deserve

When you join the community of pet owners who know the power of introducing raw food into the diet, you'll feel the joy of being the best pet parent on the block. Explore our refreshed website and provide Momentum worth celebrating today! We can't wait to hear how much your pets enjoy Momentum Carnivore Nutrition's treats and food toppers.


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