5 Tips for Adding in Wholesome REAL Food to Your Pet’s Diet… On a Budget

Tips for Adding in Wholesome REAL Food to Your Pet’s Diet… On a Budget

For pet parents that are interested in incorporating raw foods into their pet’s diet, the initial major concern is the cost. Of course raw, whole foods will cost more than corn filled kibble, but it’s an investment in your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. By supporting a better diet for your pet, we typically see raw-fed pets having less vet visits, which means less money spent on medical bills.

Although it may not always be economically feasible for everyone to feed a raw diet, we’d like to provide some tips on adding fresh foods to your pet’s diet, on a budget. 

Most Convenient

One of the most convenient ways to start incorporating raw foods into your pet’s diet is by adding freeze-dried treats or toppers. You can add treats made with raw meat to your pet’s mealtimes, or you can replace some of the treats you currently use with a raw option. Toppers are another great option. You can simply sprinkle some raw toppers over your pet’s kibble or wet food to add a new dimension to their meal. 

Momentum Carnivore Nutrition has many options for freeze-dried treats and toppers. All products are made with natural, freeze-dried raw meats that have been dried slowly to retain freshness. The treats and toppers are packed with real meat flavor and no fillers or artificial flavors. Momentum boasts a wide variety of flavors to choose from, meaning even the owners of the pickiest pets are likely to find something that they like! Topper flavor options include beef kidney, turkey gizzard, bison tripe, chicken breast, and pork heart. Freeze-dried treat flavors include chicken, beef, or turkey hearts, turkey liver, chicken nibblets, pork tenderloin, and many more. 

Look in Your Fridge

Raw feeding does not always have to mean raw meat. Take a look in your fridge. Any produce that is soon to go bad can be lightly steamed and added to your pet’s meals. Fruits and vegetables can provide your pet with ample minerals and micronutrients to help support optimal health. Great options include carrots, broccoli, zucchini, apples, oranges, and berries. 

Visit Your Local Butcher

Take a trip to your local butcher shop. Most butcher shops do not necessarily sell organ meats, but many will have them available for sale at discounted prices. Visit the shop to see what cuts of meat are on sale. Perhaps you will find something delicious for both you and your pet! 

Mix It Up

Feeding raw does not have to be the only way you feed your pet. You can start to incorporate raw feeding into your pet’s diet by swapping just one meal a day with raw food. Some pet parents feed their pets one raw meal a day and one dry meal a day to obtain the benefits of raw feeding while being conscious of the cost. 

Table Scraps

Table scraps can have a bad reputation, but it really depends on what the scraps are. If you are having a bowl of buttered pasta with garlic bread and a side of fried chicken, those aren’t the best to pass over to your pet. However, meals that consist of meats and veggies are okay to give to your pet in moderation. As long as the table scraps are not fatty, greasy, or have an abundance of seasonings or bones, it is fine to give a little to your pet! 

Feeding your pet a diet rich in wholesome, raw, real foods does not have to be expensive! Use the tips above to start incorporating fresh, raw foods to your pets diet, and watch as they start to live a happier, healthier life.

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