Road Trips with Pets

Road Trips with Pets

Many people love to travel during fall and winter. Flying or taking the train can become pricey as we near the holiday- season, so many folks opt to travel by car. Going on a road trip with pets can seem like a daunting task. Read on to learn some tips for making road trips with pets easier and more fun! 

Plan Ahead

When taking your furry friend along for the ride, it’s always smart to plan as far in advance as possible. Being spontaneous is fun, but being stuck on a stretch of highway with a whining dog in the backseat without any rest stops in sight can be stressful. Plan a pet-friendly route with plenty of opportunities to stop for potty breaks and exercise. 

Try to plan a route that avoids overly crowded places, or areas where it may be difficult for your pet to relieve themselves fully without distraction. Be mindful of rest stops that are pet-friendly and have ample space for your furry friend to stretch their legs and use the bathroom. 

Pack Early

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our pets need to pack, too! Make sure you have all of your pet’s necessities, including food, water, treats, medicine, waste bags, toys, and any other supplies that will be needed during your trip. Make a list ahead of time and double-check to make sure you have all of the essentials. 

Pack Smart

Most likely, you don’t want to lug your pet’s 24-pound food bag into the car. Consider options for accessible, affordable, and portable feeding. Momentum Carnivore Nutrition meal bars make the perfect option for road trips. With convenient packaging, they make an excellent option for feeding your pet raw, nutrient-dense food while on the go. 

Momentum’s treats and seasonings are also conveniently packaged to fit in travel bags and luggage. With resealable packaging, you won’t have to worry about your pet’s food or treats stinking up the whole car or spilling in your bag. 

Prepare the Car

When traveling with a pet, it’s always smart to consider protecting your car from sharp nails or muddy paws. Invest in a water-resistant seat cover to keep your seats safe from any damage. Consider covering any parts of the seat or floor where pet hair and dirt may settle. 

When thinking of car safety, your pet needs to be safely secured in the space. Using a hammock or sling car seat cover helps to create a comfortable and safe area for your pet. If your pet likes to hop over boundaries and try to get into the front seat, look into seat belts designed to connect your pet’s harness with the seat-belt buckle. This will not only keep them out of the front seat, but also keeps them safe in the event of quick stops. 


If you have a particularly anxious furry friend, consider practicing for the big trip. Take shorter trips and gradually increase the duration. Use positive reinforcement with treats and praise to make the experience positive. Help your pet get acclimated to being in the car for longer periods of time. We suggest using Momentum Carnivore Nutrition freeze-dried raw treats as reward, as they are easy to transport and always guaranteed to be a pet favorite. 

Best of luck on your journey with your furry friend. Safe travels!

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