December is National Cat Lover’s Month

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! December is National Cat Lover’s month. If you or anyone you know owns a cat, you know that every month feels like cat lover’s month! However, December is the month that has been designated as the time to give your feline friends some extra love and attention. If you don’t have a cat of your own, you may not understand all of your crazy cat loving friends. Read on to discover just some of the reasons people love cats! 

  1. Cats are curious creatures: cats are curious about everything and have no problem investigating any little thing that piques their interest. They’ll wedge themselves into tight spaces, jump from surface to surface, and sometimes get themselves into some pretty sticky situations. Good news is, cats are fantastic at rescuing themselves from soon-to-be dangerous situations. Guess that’s why they’re known to have 9 lives! 
  2. Cats give love just like dogs: okay, cats show their affection a little bit differently than a needy and rambunctious puppy might, but they still shower their owner with love when they feel like it! Cats will greet their humans with purrs and shin rubs and sometimes will even lie in their owner’s lap on a chilly night, giving off the perfect amount of cuddles and heat. 
  3. Cats are low maintenance: here’s something dog lovers couldn’t possibly understand. Cats are cheap to feed, don’t need much space, and, for the most part, like being left alone to do whatever their little heart pleases. They are not pets that get lonely and whine for attention every three minutes like some dogs do, which makes them great pets for anyone who doesn’t have the time to spend every waking minute with their pet.
  4. Cats are perfect for small spaces: Adding to the list of low maintenance perks, cats don’t need a lot of space. They enjoy wiggling into small spaces to explore and will be perfectly content lying in a small patch of sunlight on the floor for hours at a time. Cats are the ideal apartment pet!
  5. Baths not needed: this one is pretty self-explanatory, but cats do not need to be bathed like their canine counterparts do. Cats will keep themselves clean with regular self-grooming, making your job as the owner all that much easier!
  6. Cats are carnivores: your feline friend(s) love chasing little critters and making a snack out of them. They make for great exterminators if you live in an environment where bugs and small animals may find themselves inside rather than out! 
  7. Cats love snacks: Just because you’re most likely not training your cat to sit and roll over, doesn’t mean they don’t like to munch on treats every now and then. Cats are carnivores and thrive when given meat, so why not try out new treats that are guaranteed fresh and delicious! 

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