5 Benefits of Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food Toppers

5 Benefits of Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food Toppers

At Momentum Carnivore Nutrition, we’ve studied animals and know they need proper nutrition to live active and healthy lifestyles. Like humans, dogs and cats can struggle with poor gut health, inflammation, and other significant health issues without the proper food to fuel them.

We created our Functional Food Toppers to address some of the most common issues that we’ve seen in pets. These freeze-dried, raw food toppers are a healthy — and delicious — addition to your dog’s diet!

1. Raw Pet Food Toppers Provide Your Carnivore With Extra Protein

At Momentum Carnivore Nutrition, we know that your pet is a carnivore and needs protein-packed natural meat like it would find in the wild. Each of our Functional Food Toppers are created with raw meat as its first ingredient – grass-fed bison tripe, duck neck, and beef liver – providing your dog (or cat) with the meat it craves!

Many pet parents are taking a deeper look at the ingredients of their furry family member’s food and treats. Many popular wet and dry pet food brands have a surprisingly low amount of protein despite claims that they’re made with real meat and a complete meal plan. 

Ingredients are listed on dog food packages by weight, and that’s before each ingredient is cooked down. If you feed your dog traditional kibble or wet pet food, adding a freeze-dried raw dog food topper can help each meal regain the protein it lacks. 

2. The Freeze-Dried Process Preserves Vital Vitamins and Nutrients 

When you hear freeze-dried, it simply means that fresh meat is flash-frozen at an ultra-low temperature. The moisture is then removed with a vacuum process to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. 

This process eliminates the need for chemical preservatives or additives in your pet’s food while preserving shelf life. None of us like wasting food, so it’s an ideal option. No spoilage and no killing valuable vitamins and nutrients during processing! 

Plus, freeze-dried options don’t require refrigeration and are easy to take on the go, which is ideal for active dogs and pet parents. Simply toss the pet food toppers in your car or backpack and head out on that hike or camping trip

We’re proud that all of our protein ingredients are humanely raised and sourced in the United States and Canada and freeze-dried at our warehouse in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. You’ll know exactly where your pet’s food has been.

3. Simple Ingredients Give Pet Owners Peace of Mind

Not only can you trust where the meat is coming from, but you can trust what you’re feeding your pet. Unlike other top brands and non-raw options with complex ingredient lists a mile long, we stick to natural, easy to understand ingredients here at Momentum.  

No matter which Functional Food Topper you pick, you can confidently read each ingredient and understand what it is. 

Gut Health Topper ingredients:

  • Grass-fed bison tripe
  • Raw goat milk
  • Ginger powder
  • Dandelion root powder

Antioxidant Boost Topper ingredients: 

  • Beef liver
  • Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Spirulina 

Anti-Inflammatory Topper ingredients: 

  • Duck neck
  • Kale
  • Turmeric
  • Yucca


You’ve probably heard of the health benefits of many of these ingredients and maybe even eat some of them yourself, so you know your dog is getting the best of the best. 

4. Raw Food Toppers can Be Served in Multiple Ways

Raw pet food toppers don’t need to only be sprinkled on the top or mixed into a kibble or wet food meal. Functional food toppers can be used to feed, treat, top, or reward your dog (and cats too)! 

Pet food toppers are a great way to shake things up if your pet gets bored with their normal, everyday food or you want to celebrate a special moment with an extra delicious treat.

At Momentum Carnivore Nutrition, our favorite way to use pet food toppers is to sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons for every 1 cup of your pet’s food and serve dry or rehydrate with water or goats’ milk to boost hydration. 

Since most pets go crazy for these, they’re also great as a special treat or training reward. They make good birthday, gotcha day, and holiday treats and can be just the motivator your pet needs to master that new trick or command you’ve been working on!

5. Help Reduce or Prevent Health Concerns Naturally

Most food toppers are created to add additional flavor to your pet’s kibble or wet food, but many don’t go beyond that to offer nutrition or health benefits. At Momentum Carnivore Nutrition, we changed that. 

Our functional pet food toppers are designed to address key health issues, such as inflammation, gut health, and immune support, and provide essential nutrients your pet needs to live a healthy life. 

While we may focus on nutrition, we don’t skimp on flavor. Made with delicious ingredients your carnivore craves, such as grass-fed bison tripe, duck neck, and beef liver, we believe that even the pickiest pets will love adding these toppers to their diet. 

Try Momentum Carnivore Nutrition Functional Food Toppers

Each of our Functional Food Toppers are designed with just the right amount of crude protein, fat, fiber, and calories that your pet needs to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Your pet will love our toppers, and you can rest easy knowing that they’re also getting the vital vitamins and minerals they need. It’s sorta like sneaking vegetables onto a child’s plate. 

See for yourself how Momentum Carnivore Nutrition can help to make a positive impact on your pet’s diet today!

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