“Daisy and Duke, my two small dogs, are very picky eaters and hard to please even when it comes treats.  They enjoy Momentum treats and I feel good about feeding them as a nutritional supplement.  I use Momentum products as rewards for my working dogs and I add a little to their daily food to encourage them to eat their daily kibble.”



“My dogs Leo and Lila love Momentum Carnivore treats, especially the pork tenderloin and turkey hearts. The treats are very convenient, clean, and easy to cut into smaller pieces and so good for the dogs. I buy this product regularly from my neighborhood pet food deli.  I think this is an excellent product and company.”





“I train my dogs, Razz & Cheers, a lot and use the Momentum treats ! My dogs LOVE them ! I love the variety . I feel like I’m feeding my dogs very healthy treats”


New York


“I discovered Momentum Treats while visiting friends in Dallas.  Piper (my dog) loved the duck hearts I purchased.  After returning home, with no treats left, I was excited to find Momentum treats are made in Wisconsin, my home state.  I have been ordering Momentum products for Piper for the past few years.  Piper loves the variety and I appreciate the high protein content and the natural ingredients.  I will be a customer forever as I appreciate the products and great customer service!  Thank you!”




“We have four rescue Boxers who enjoy their food and snacks.  We were very happy to find Momentum Carnivore, not only because the dogs like them but because they are 100% sourced and produced in the U.S.A.  With all the horrible news about foods from outside the US today, we take great comfort in knowing this family cares about what they provide to their customers.  Our dogs also have allergies to certain foods so we can pick and choose which Boxer gets what snack, all from the same source.  We highly recommend these guys.  The products and customer service are some of the best we’ve seen.”

Satisfied Customers

New York




“We (Bibbins, Sadie, and Phineus Newfs, Gaelan Leonberger, and Gimble and Gryffyn Maine Coon kitties) are great fans of Momentum’s freeze dried treats. Gimble knows where they are kept and how to open the cupboard door to help himself. Gryffyn can be in deep hiding and simply opening the treat cupboard door will bring him scurrying to the kitchen. All six of us expect (and get) three treats each after every meal and before going to bed. “We love our turkey hearts and turkey liver!”



“Our cats – Sadie (tiger) and little Sabrina (Calico) love Momentum Carnivore Nutrition Chicken Breast.  They often look like this after a nice feast on their favorite snack. If they could talk, they would be saying “I can’t believe how good that Momentum Carnivore is.  I’m dreaming of my next snack.”



steve baker


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“After years of bad skin allergies, we switched our fox terrier Leo to a fish based diet, a staple of which is the wild salmon by Momentum.  With his allergies now significantly improved, we start every day (at Leo’s insistance) with his favorite salmon treats.  Many thanks to the wonderful Momentum family for bringing better health, and happy mornings, to our sweet dog.”



“I first found these treats at a boutique pet store in the Greater Atlanta area about three years ago. High quality, grain-free treats are hard to find, and I immediately picked up a bag to try on our three adopted greyhounds. They loved them, and Momentum became a must-have in our home.

I started about a year ago giving each hound a turkey nibblet at bedtime, which has become routine. They jump onto their beds and wait expectantly for their nibblet. Only after they get their special treat will they settle down for the night. Not only are their products excellent, but Momentum is also a great company to deal with. I had a question on an order and received a response immediately. Clearly, customer service is a top priority for them.

I wholeheartedly recommend Momentum Carnivore Nutrition in every way. Their products are simply natural and are excellent quality, sourced in the USA, and I know I can count on reliable and friendly service every time. And I can say with confidence that our retired racing greyhounds give them a solid Three Paws Up!”