why freeze-dried?

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It is the diet your pet needs.

As a natural carnivore, your pet needs the
necessary nutrients to keep them living active and healthy lifestyles. At Momentum Carnivore Nutrition, we’ve seen firsthand how a raw diet can improve the longevity of our pets. After we switched our pets to a raw diet, we noticed that their bone and joint health quickly started to improve and that they could recapture the energy they had when they were young!

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It is the diet your pet craves.

As a pet parent, you want to celebrate feeding our pet what they love while also making informed decisions about their food and treats' impact on their health. Our cat and dog treats, meal bars, seasonings, and supplements are the products you’ve been looking for. Even the pickiest pets will find a Momentum Carnivore Nutrition treat they love!

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No hassle subscriptions.

Feel good about what you are fedding your pet. We've made it easy to get your pet the nutrirtion they need and crave. You can skip, reschedule, edit, and cancel deliveries anytime, making our subscription service customizable to you and your pet!



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“My dogs loved these treats! They loved the smell and taste, and they are great to break apart and use in snuffle mats and lick mats in combination with wet food. Very good quality pieces of meat too!”

- Arissa H.

Husky Dog

“I can't even go near the drawer where we keep these without our pets looking at us expectantly - hoping they're getting a treat. They all love them, and it makes me feel good giving them treats that I know are so good for them - it's a win-win!”

- Kristen D.

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“This is my dog’s favorite treat. He really loves all of Momentum’s products. Thank you.”

- Irina W.


why is Momentum Carnivore Nutrition better?

why is Momentum Carnivore Nutrition
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feel good about what you're feeding your pet.