“We love our pets and our pets unconditionally love us back. This motivated us to make sure they were as happy and as healthy with their diet as we were.”

We began to pursue a raw freeze-dried diet to improve the health of our pets. What we learned was the basis of Momentum Carnivore Nutrition. Dogs and cats are natural carnivores and raw diets have all the inherent nutrients such as: amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals upon which the dog evolved. Our pets began a raw freeze-dried diet and within weeks their joint and bone health improved. They recaptured the vitality of years past. Most importantly, they were able to do what they loved most…bird hunting. From that point forward, we have made it our goal to enrich the lives of as many beloved pets as possible.

Jeff Maretti (founder, owner and President) – “I have been working in the meat industry for the past 30+ years. From starting my own meat market, opening an Italian deli, and starting a freeze-dried business. My passion in serving quality meat has been part of my life-long goal as a business owner.  I’ve always had dogs and assumed a kibble diet was acceptable, as that is what was claimed years ago. After my last Chesapeake Bay Retriever’s, (Peter) health started to deteriorate sooner than it should have, I thought, something isn’t right here. And I wanted to find out how I could help my dog have the vitality of life he once had.  After being introduced to the freeze-dried industry, and specifically raw foods for dogs, I decided to switch Peter from kibble to raw. And almost over night, his health improved. His joint pain vanished, his skin and coat was no longer dull and dry, his eyes were brighter, and his energy level was that of a young pup! After I saw what raw had done for Peter’s new energy and health, I wanted to share the foods I was making for him with all dog owners across the nation.”

Toni Maretti (Co-owner and Vice President) – “I’ve always had a passion for animals. Growing up, my dad had a variety of animals he raised, including sheep, heifer cows, Texas long horn Cattle, horses, a donkey and of course there were always farm cats. And let’s not forget, we always had at least 2-3 family dogs. As a young girl, I used to always help with the animals as much as I could, and I absolutely loved it! I can remember the baby sheep that we’d have to take home and care for during the night if they were sick, or  the cats that would get injured in the wild, they’d come hobbling back with wounds. I was the first to make sure they were cared for and safe. There were abandoned baby bunnies we found one year. We took them in to our home and I helped nurse them until we could set them back into the wild. I even shared my doll house for them to play in. So it’s safe to say, my love for animals has been part of me since birth. After graduating college and getting my first big girl job in customer service, I found myself having zero passion in my career. That is when I decided to work for my dad, in a job that I can help animals and am extremely passionate about. The saying “if you find a job you really love, you’ll never work another day in your life,” couldn’t be more true. I get to make sure my own animals, and all animals across the nation, are given the opportunity to have a richer and fuller life with a raw diet.”


Sophie – “I’ve been a part of this operation since its infancy and am considered to be the head of quality control. All freeze-dried products are field tested by me before they hit the market. This guarantees that all of our products are of the best quality possible before sharing them with our fellow consumers.”


Farley – “I’m your typical alpha-male. Therefore, muscle and stamina is a must to be top dog. These products are perfect for enhancing my toned muscle, while giving me the energy to duck hunt with my dad. MCN has the perfect treats to supplement working dogs;  packed with high protein content.”


Peyton – “You’ll recognize me by my smooth, shiny coat, and my stunning physique. This was all made possible by these natural and nutritious treats, which I simply cannot get enough of. And the best part is I don’t have to worry about counting calories to keep my slim body because these products are low-fat and high protein.”